Any love for GIMP ?

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Re: Any love for GIMP ?

CAcreeks wrote:

JasonTheBirder wrote:

I make slides sometimes for videos but then I typically use Inkscape.

Can you recommend a good tutorial for Inkscape?

I'm afraid not...I just played with it for fun to learn it. That being said, I certainly don't know how to do everything with it.

Honestly, the GIMP just doesn't seem very relevant to photography.

I disagree. GIMP has many excellent features for color balancing. Auto WB and the HSV dialog are very good, as is the relatively new GEGL based noise reduction (approximately 10x as fast as Darktable).

That's a fair point. I find Darktable sufficient but it is slower than other systems.

That being said, I don't think photoshop is either. Raw editors have come a long way.

I agree. DxO PhotoLab seem faster to good results than anything. Darktable is nice but not as easy to use and with worse noise reduction.

Yes, darktable's noise reduction is not perfect. It did get better in the last few iterations with profile denoise so if you haven't tried the 3.x versions, you should. However, for my standards of noise reduction I still do a profiled denoise, often with a mask, and then I further enhance it subtly with very slight smoothing with another mask away from the subject with the contrast equalizer. In this way I usually get results that are comparable to the best but it definitely takes more time. (After doing it hundreds of times it takes me about 30 seconds to do one image but still that's more than a single click on some other programs.)

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