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Re: Program mode , when and why using it ?

Tbamed wrote:


I've read and viewed a lot about the use of the P mode, I've even encountred some confirmed photographers who are using it, however, I stilldon't understand why we use it ?

I use it because it's efficient and fast and gives me complete control over setting the exposure on my camera. Program mode gives me control of the shutter speed, f/stop, ISO and so I get the exposure I want.

It's no big deal.  Any of the semi-auto modes or manual mode will allow you to control exposure -- if anything it's more an ergonomic concern given the specific camera's design and how you like to use it.

I mean if we want to control the aperture or the schutter speed we use the A or the S mode, and for the rest of the option the camera takes care of, ...

What's the practical uses of the P mode ?

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