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Chris R-UK wrote:

Lazer42 wrote:

I think to me the question I've always had is what is the difference between P and auto mode. I understand the idea why one might want to use P mode - but in that case why not use auto mode? In what way does P mode provide an advantage?

It varies from camera to camera, but in general full auto mode will greatly limit the settings that the user can change. For example, it may not allow changes to focus settings, ISO, exposure compensation, etc. So, for a beginner, moving from auto to P mode is the first step to taking full control of the camera.

To build on this, with Canon, in Auto mode it’s auto focus.  The camera will use the frame and pick whatever it thinks is the best thing to focus on.  You are locked out of single point and no ability to move focus points around.  Terrible if shooting family with a tree branch or something in frame in the foreground (speaking from experience).  The camera likes to lock on that contrasty tree.

In P mode, I can chose single point AF and point that point right on my subject while the camera chooses aperture and exposure time and even ISO is I leave that in auto (or I can set it to 100 in P mode).

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