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Cheap doesn't have to mean ...

JE River wrote:

Don't expect the performance of a 16-35mmlens set at 16mm. I think this lens is TOO cheap, actually. I don't think it high enough of a price to make a 16mm f2.8 lens hold up as well to sharpness and flare are the more expensive lenses, even though they are zooms.

I wonder how much this lens would cost to equal the sharpness, color rendering, and flare control of their best 16-xx lenses?

I would hope to be surprised, but for a full frame prime lens at 16mm f2.8, something is going to give at that price from a company that has high prices across the board to begin with.

Cheap doesn't have to mean a lens performs poorly or mediocre at all apertures.

Cheap keeps you from getting premium build and weather selaing. Cheap keeps you from getting great wide open perfromance. Cheap doesn't have to rule out very good performance stopped donw.

Look at the RF 50 1.8 (or almost any nifty fifty) and you'll find the perfect example of a cheap lens that is capable of great perfromace but not under all conditions. You must know the lens and use it where its strength lies.

Nobody really knows how good the IQ will be at this point. Hopefully a coule of stops down it will be very good. That's all that matters to me really. Surely it will have a lot of  distortion, but then so do the high end RF UWA zooms. Because it is a prime it may end up having less distortion than the RF UWA zooms.  Also if the corners/edges are a bit weak this is a very wide lens and for most uses we now have more MP than we need so a crop 18 or 20mm effective won't bother me much. I'd like to see a similar lens in a 20mm FL anyway.

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