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Re: Program mode , when and why using it ?

Tbamed wrote:


I've read and viewed a lot about the use of the P mode, I've even encountred some confirmed photographers who are using it, however, I stilldon't understand why we use it ?

I mean if we want to control the aperture or the schutter speed we use the A or the S mode, and for the rest of the option the camera takes care of, ...

What's the practical uses of the P mode ?

P mode allows you to alter either aperture or shutter speed, so it acts as a sort of aperture priority/shutter priority mode all in one. Many people want to adjust aperture on one shot and shutter speed on another, and may not know which one they will want to adjust until they see what they want to shoot. The real question seems to be, "why have a separate aperture priority and shutter priority mode in addition to program mode?

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