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Re: Program mode , when and why using it ?

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I've read and viewed a lot about the use of the P mode, I've even encountred some confirmed photographers who are using it, however, I stilldon't understand why we use it ?

I mean if we want to control the aperture or the schutter speed we use the A or the S mode, and for the rest of the option the camera takes care of, ...

What's the practical uses of the P mode ?

If you don't want to control the aperture or shutter speed, but are happy to let the camera set both, then P mode can be quicker.

HI, If I'm not wrong the camera will pick the nearest object for focusing in the automode; I suppose it is the same thing in the P mode, so I think we can't control that.

I've asked someone, what's the mode he uses when he want to take quick shot hand held , he told me the p mode (, all he told me was that it lets him set his iso to 100,)

could be for that or the quick focusing mode?

Nothing to do with focussing.  P mode chooses an aperture from the full range available on the lens and a shutter speed fast enough for hand-held shots, and the minimum ISO possible.  Different cameras have slightly different algorithms for choosing a particular combination.  If you don't mind what aperture it chooses or what ss, provided its fast enough to hand-hold, then P mode is acceptable.

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