Domke: canvas or nylon?

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Re: Domke: canvas or nylon?

I have used both. Nylon seems to be more robust, canvas more comfortable. One thing to note with Domke bags is that the quite coarse weave is hard on the trousers which can develop holes at the hip from the constant rubbing of the bag (has happened to me more than once). I wouldn't buy one with vecro closure due to the noise it makes. I have a F6 where I removed the velcro for this reason. The metal closures also makes some ringing noise but far from the volume of the velcro. Take care not to have the metal closures hit your lenses in the bag.

The Domke bags are not water proof. With prolonged exposure to rain, they get damp inside too. You can impregnate them but it only lasts so long.

I like the Domke bags a lot, but nevertheless, as the years have past I have switched to Billingham bags for a couple of reasons: They are water proof (have layer of rubber between the outer fabric and inner lining), are silent in operation due to their "QRS" strap and brass stud closing system. They have inserts with good padding (much better than Domke). They are very well made and will last for decades. The Billingham parallel to the Domke F-5XB is probably the Hadley (or Hadley Small?). Billingham bags are not cheap and their old time colonial military style is not for everyone, but if you are not put off by that, you may have a bag for life. They patinate gracefully. Get a shoulder pad with neoprene for the 1½" strap - it will prevent the bag from sliding off the shoulder.

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