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Re: Program mode , when and why using it ?

I think that the first camera to have the P mode was the Canon A 1 in 1978.

It was an advanced amateur camera so the P mode was on top of full manual and shutter and aperture priority modes. It was in fact the most advanced film camera at that point.

Fourty plus years later most intercheangeable lens camera still have a P mode in fact many have more than one .

So there must be people that want it.

Why ?

Well some don't care about "settings" they ust want to take photos .Others may indeed know what those settings do but like to have a quick happy snappy type set up so that neither the shutter speed nor the aperture will be too far from what you need for a quick grab shot taken in an , up to the moment, unknown light condition.

BTW, no the P setting does not have anything to do with focusing if the camera is on AF.

On the other hand if you like or have to focus manualy, well in that case you can do that and not worry about at the same time adjusting your exposure settings.

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