Pros and cons of a lens coat on 150-400. What do you do?

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Pros and cons of a lens coat on 150-400. What do you do?

I am curious as to what every one with the Olympus 150-400 is doing in regards to adding a lens coat. This question actually applies to everyone with  big Tele lens. Especially white ones.


It keeps your very expensive investment pristine.

It covers a glaring white lens that may be a distraction to birds and wildlife.


How waterproof are these lens coats? The lens is meant to handle pretty wet conditions. Will the lens coat stay wet or is it pretty waterproof?

Having the lens coat on makes all the wonderful buttons near on impossible to access. With it on I don’t do the set distance as I can’t locate the four reset buttons near the lens hood. There is a clear panel over all the setting buttons but they aren’t that easy to access so I don’t use them. I would love to easily access the focus limiter for birds in flight.

I seem to be able to manage the zoom okay. But fine tuning focus isn’t quite a good as I would like.

The white is meant to help reduce heat. I doubt I will ever be in a location that hot but does the lens coat make a difference in not keeping the lens as cool?

I am considering removing some of the camouflage lens coat. Especially the one for the focus and the one that covers all the setting buttons. What are your thoughts re doing that?  I figure that is I still cover most of the other sections, especially the lens hood, that it may be more practical.

I would love to know what everyone else is doing?


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