Any love for GIMP ?

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Re: Formerly yes, now somewhat

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

Any love for GIMP ?

It's a mystery to me that GIMP doesn't get its due attention. In combination with G'MIC, it's incredibly powerful for image manipulation. There is a long list of what it doesn't do, and a long list of what it does do. However, it's open-source, free, extremely well supported and runs on all OS platforms.

I have been using GIMP since 2003 or 2004, I think actually version 1.x at the start. I still have and sometimes use the latest version, 2.10.24.

But GIMP has, and is not even supposed to overcome in the next major version (the forthcoming but we don't know when 3.0) the huge limitation for serious photo work that 90% of its operations are destructive--in the sense that instead of writing a set of instructions that are incorporated into the on-screen preview and stored to be incorporated into the next render-and-export, but may be modified or cancelled at any time--and actually modify the underlying pixels (in memory, not on disk unless you export over the source file). So you cannot undo or even modify them without first undoing everything you've done after them, and thereby losing all subsequent work.

Just a question. I fintd it strange if Afinity works like Lightroom or DXO where every local operation you do default to a new layer? That's the only way I can understand that you can add changes without working with the underlaying pixels.

If you as an example adjust Saturation, you automatically get an adjustment layer?

And these days, with the excellent Serif Affinity Photo available for Windows and Mac OS for $55 or less, using GIMP seems more and more difficult to justify.

There are still things for which I use GIMP. I hope it overcomes its major limitations. It now handles higher-bit-depth files and operations pretty well. Its color management has improved a good bit, but still has issues.

But Affinity Photo is now my go-to pixel editor.

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