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DeCal Photography wrote:

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DeCal Photography wrote:

I have made sure to budget for lighting and other supplies. My main issue with the Nikon d3200 is the unreliable autofocus and lack of manual focus assists. I used film cameras for some time and really miss being able to reliably manual focus. I do not yet have 1500 dollars, closer to 800 dollars. Is there a camera body that you would recommend for that that I could expand the lenses down the line?


I'd love to help you but nowadays I don't use manual focus at all. The Canons of the R series has what I perceive as a very advanced manual focus guidance system, but I don't know if it's also implemented in other Canons or if other manufacturers does something similar.

I would really like focus peaking which is why I am very tempted by the Nikon z50.

I've always been given the impression that Nikon's AF was very good. Could it be that you leave AF point selection to the camera instead of controlling it yourself? (Sorry if it's an inappropriate question, but sometimes simple things get overlooked)

That is a very good question. I am a noobie to autofocus but I notice that the autofocus points don't reach the edges of the frame or only cover the center. I have recently begun to use the manual autofocus selection points. Eye-autofocus would be amazing as well! Thank you for all your assistance!

There's a technique called focus-and-recompose. It means that you select a focus point close to the eye you want sharp, turn the camera to place that point over the eye, focus by half-pressing the shutter button and then compose the picture while you hold focus. This can compensate for lack of focus points coverage.

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