Current State-of-the-Art in SPP Processing Alternatives?

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Re: Current State-of-the-Art in SPP Processing Alternatives?

stansbca wrote:

Hello all. I am currently on vacation and happily snapping away with my DP2M. However, if it's like previous vacations, I'll get back and stick my camera on my desk--> dreading processing my photos and avoiding it for months (knowing how painful it will be).

I was wondering what the current state of the art seems to be in relation to processing primarily outside of SPP? For instance?:

  • Are there any suitable raw converters that can compare in quality while being faster?
  • Are there workable X3F to DNG converters? (Last I tried Kalpanika, it failed on many files)
  • Is there a suitable workflow for generically processing a folder of X3F in SPP to TIFF or other format such that similar post-processing results are possible in other programs? I love what SPP can do, but it's just glacially slow.

Thanks, in advance, for any advice. I'm interested to hear what successful workflows have been established.

If you want to cut down on your workflow, it can be done. When I used the DP2M, it has some issues with color and white balance, also highlight recovery. Two things. I used a custom white card and did a white balance in the camera for each change in lighting. Second, I used a ND graduated filter to avoid blowing out the sky. By doing these two things, I was able to keep much of the settings the same in SPP. I just exported the TIFFs into another program (Adobe, Gimp, whatever you use) and go from there. I wasn't doing the highlight recovery nearly as much, and the color corrections were also minimal. With a modern PC and SSD drive, SPP should be fast enough. Put each event's photos in its own folder and process each folder separately, they should have similar settings so that you can batch process them. That way you aren't waiting for all the thumbnails to be redrawn. Copy the folders to your fastest drive and use extra memory option in SSP. Last, use a limited size sd card. This will force you to only take your best shots. Use it only for taking special scenes, not to document every last sight you see.

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