Any love for GIMP ?

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Re: Any love for GIMP ?

One issue I’ve noticed with GIMP over the last several years is that they occasionally convey this “open source and everything must be free, or death!” attitude. For example, I recall seeing an inquiry a few years back about whether GIMP’s Mac distribution could be code signed so that it did not have to be exempted from the macOS Gatekeeper security. The response from someone on the GIMP team was quite abrasive as if they took personal offense at the idea of paying the fee to Apple to join their developers program for this purpose.

Example number two: GIMP seems to not be able to open multi-layer TIFF files created in Photoshop. The stated reason I saw was that GIMP only supports the TIFF format as defined in its specification which supposedly only supports “pages” and not layers. Adobe supposedly doing Photoshop multi-layer TIFFs with TIFF-spec metadata, but the metadata being Adobe’s own creation. OK, fine. But PSDs are also an Adobe creation and you support those GIMP. You can’t have it both ways.

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