Best point-and-shoot camera for motorbike racing

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Labe wrote:

Klaus dk wrote:

While I've no doubt the RX10 IV is a great camera for the purpose, it might interest the OP that the current price new at is GBP 2153.

If one understands the concept of manual prefocusing and panning with the subject, much can be achieved with lesser gear. When you want to show speed, freezing the motion isn't the best way.

I agree with everyone else that some preparation and practice is necessary. This is a field where you can't expect to get good shots, no matter what camera you bring, if you have no practice.

Good luck and good light.

Erm it’s available for a lot less than that . current promotion price is £1299.00 .when the promo finishes it will return to £1499 . It was available just a few day’s ago at these prices but not surprisingly it’s sold out again and back on back order .
Amazon isn’t always the best choice for cameras these days in the uk with bricks and mortar stores giving better deals .

I think that even GBP 1299 is a s...load of money if the initial idea was a point'n'shoot.

I think it's very nice of you to go bargain hunting for the OP, but IMHO, RX10 IV is overkill for the OP's stated level of ambition.

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