Reconciling the Thick Lens Model with P2P Optical Bench

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Re: just go with the thick lens model

Bernard Delley wrote:


Below is a comparison of P2P data with my measurement using 0 and 27.5 mm extension ring.

I see two main differences compared to the P2P simulation based on patent data. The camera with this lens reports a less fast lens at 1:1. The measured internodal distance is quite a bit smaller. However it is plausible by guessing from the eyeballed pupil positions seen from front and back.

That example is the Nikon AF-S Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED

You stumbled onto a patent where I did not enter all of the pertinent information.
I have now done so and updated the files.
The new files will show a Specified value under NA for 1:2 and 1:1

F# values reported by the Optical Bench are now:

Infinity 2.88 (Scenario 1)
1:4 3.15 (using Focus slider)
1:2 3.55 (Scenario 2)
1:1 4.98 (Scenario 3)

These values are in agreement with the NA values stated in the patent.

Note patent species NA of 0.10 at 1:1 and the Optical Bench now agrees

f# values reported when using the Focus slider are not correct in this situation.

f# and NA current wrong when using Focus slider on this type of patent.

This is a known bug that is on my list of things to fix.



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