Questions about using two handheld flashes.

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Questions about using two handheld flashes.

Hi Everybody,

I'm having trouble getting two portable flashes to sync consistently for some half body shots in a dark warehouse.

The equipment is:

Main Flash : Godox V860iiN set wireless / TTL

Transmitter: Godox XProN works fine.

On camera flash: An old Nikon SB27 with a wired optical trigger. (not capable of wireless transmission), set to manual, F - whatever, whatever power, it is inconsistent with the main Godox.

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My main Godox flash is 45 degrees to the right of the subject on TTL,

The Nikon fill flash is on top of the camera, with an optical trigger, not hot shoe'd.

I am using a Godox transmitter to trigger the main flash to the right,

and I want my on-camera flash to consistently fill at 1/4 the amount.



My images are consistently well exposed overall, but sometimes the fill is non-existent, and other times it dominates the main.

Interestingly, when the Godox flash goes off, it seems to ramp up it's exposure in multiple pops, it's not set on RPT (stroboscopic repeat), but I'm thinking that is the way that the TTL works, that it builds exposure until it gets to the correct exposure.

This might be screwing up the Nikon flash, it's going off at any time and the Godox is building over that, leading to inconsistent results.

The Nikon camera does not have a sync plug, only a hot shoe so I can't hard sync the on-camera flash to the camera, the wireless transmitter goes there. I should mention that the Nikon Flash is on a bracket, so it's above the wireless transmitter on the camera. The transmitter has a sync plug but it's a 2.5mm pin connection, I just jerry rigged a 40 yr old sync cord into it and I couldn't get it to trigger the nikon.

Any help I can get would be appreciated. I'm thinking I need another on -camera flash or a 'double hot shoe' for the top of the camera.

I'm hoping one of you guys might be familiar with this kind of set up.

Thank you in advance, I'll be checking back to the thread frequently, thanks!


Update: I just tested the Nikon Flash alone, on Auto, and it is working fine.

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