Sony camera adding coloured circles to photos

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Re: Sony camera adding coloured circles to photos

emma_2021 wrote:

People usually recommend disabling Shading Compensation in-camera because otherwise the problem is worse—and Shading Compensation is even baked into the raw file—but I'm getting mixed results: sometimes it makes the issue less visible, sometimes it makes it more visible.

The comment that is highlighted really surprised me (and made me glad that my camera -- Nikon -- does not "bake in" similar control settings). For example, if I select a particular white balance or the D-Lighting setting, my tests confirm that the effect of these settings is not inextricably baked into the raw data.

Being unfamiliar with Sony's Shading Compensation and thinking it might be a different sort of animal, I Googled the term. The description from Sony that is linked below specifically says in the Notes section that it is not baked into the raw data,

Of course, you can elect to have the effect applied to the converted results of the raw file if you use the Sony Image Data Converter.  But that suggests that you can also elect to convert the raw file without the effect being applied.   It appears to be something that is, or can be, applied to the raw data upon conversion, but is not baked in.  That's how Nikon's conversion software works with respect to its various picture control settings.  

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