Beware of a DPR Scam !!!

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Re: Beware of a DPR Scam !!!

photoholiko wrote:

I am writing this to make DPR members aware of this scam.

I got an email claiming to be a DPR survey. I filled out the very short survey and they offered a watch and other items for free with just a $7 shipping charge.

I received the cheap watch. Today I noticed a recurring charge on my bank account for $98.54. I didn't know what that was for, fortunately there provided a phone number.

So I called, they told me that I didn't return the watch after a 14 day trial and had to pay for the watch. I said, first of all the watch isn't worth $98.54 and second there was no mention of a 14 day trial, it said a free watch which means you people are a scam.

I said, I'll send you the watch and you need to give me a refund. She replied with an apology and said that she will discount the watch and I will only have to pay $49. I said no, I want a total refund, then she said ok and will cancel the order. She gave me a cancellation number and said it will take three t five day to receive my money.

We'll see if that happens, I will let you know the outcome.

What was the exact e-mail address it came from?  Sounds like a phishing scam.  I've NEVER gotten an e-mail from dpr asking to fill out a survey.  As suggested, bring it to DPR's attention (suggest the Site Feedback & Help forum) so they can warn everyone else.

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