Is Canon targeting m43 users?

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How about saying ...

Great Bustard wrote:

But saying "f/2 = f/2" for all formats devoid of how it affects the photos makes sense to you?

How about saying "50 = 50". Thats the 'light opening' (new term I just created) on both a 200 f4 and a 400 f8 lens. Let's try to get the lens manufacturers try try and relabel the lenses using this convention. Then the PL 50-200 2.8-4 becones the PL 50-200 17.9-50 and the Canon becomes a 100-400 17.9-50. Now the m43 folks can multiply the FL by 2x and leave the 'light opening' number as is when doing comparisons.

There, I've solved the equivalence debate forever

Now I'll let you and jalywol get back to your regularly shceduled debate.

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