Is anybody going to use the 40 mm f2 on the Z50/Zfc?

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Re: Is anybody going to use the 40 mm f2 on the Z50/Zfc?

EduPortas wrote:

Franz304 wrote:

What are your thoughts? Do you shoot this FL often on DX?

Absolutely yes, for two reasons:

1) If I ever upgrade to a Nikon mirrorless FX body I'm good to go.

2) The "kit" zooms already available for the Z50/Zfc cover the very wide 18mm

What DX Z  lens is at 18mm?

I think 24mm (35mm terms) is the widest right now.

Some of us are hoping.for a 10-20mm Z lens.

and the

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very long 250mm. The only gap for my work is a very sharp lens that lives at F2 for interview/portrait work.

This new 40mm covers that need beautifuly and does not cost an arm and a leg like the "S" primes.

I like "normal" lenses since the wider options tend to distort facial features. So again, another positive mark for the 40mm.

I'm sure the quality is there for the more expensive glass, but for general convenience and quality/price ratio the 40mm seems like a logical choice, since I like to keep my kit as hidden as possible from other people.

So yes, for a commercial shoot in a restaurant, for example, that also includes a video interview with the cheff, my kit will be the 18-55 kit zoom and this sharp prime. That's it.

Oh, and a bunch of batteries since Nikon refuses to sell an AC adapter for the Z50 😅

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