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archerscreek wrote:

I actually haven’t seen much in the way of Z9 hype from Nikon. Nikon seems rather subdued to me in their promotion of it so far. The rumor sites monetizing clicks are the only ones with the speculative hype. And they’re often wrong.

The haters can hate, but Canon is going to sell a ton of these things. Imagine a camera where whatever you look at snaps into focus. Imagine how quick and easy it would be to shift focus between subjects. You don’t have to rely on the camera to pick the right face, the right bird or animal, or the right motorist and then manipulate a joystick to move the point over to something else. You just look at what you want in focus. Brilliant!

Compared to past systems, manually moving boxes around are fine. Compared to eye controlled AF, manually moving boxes will seem slow and cumbersome. I bet a lot of people buy the R3 for ease of use; sports, wedding, wildlife, fashion, news media, content creators, event photographers, parents with enough cash that want to shoot dogs and kids. Basically, if you shoot anything that moves the R3 will be the easiest way to get in focus images.
I bet Nikon and Sony execs are saying, “Oh, crap, they actually pulled it off,” with regards to the eye controlled AF.

We will see. In a fast paced sport like soccer or hockey where there are more than one player involved in an action sequence, I think it goes to fast for the eye to decide which player to look at.

Edit: I see DPReview discussed this in an article on the front page, and they took soccer and the gallery as examples. However, it would have been more convincing if there was something extraordinarily over the samples.

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