The Canon 100-400 is a f/5.6-8 - Yuck

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Re: The Canon 100-400 is a f/5.6-8 - Yuck

MoreorLess wrote:

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Jeff Klofft wrote:

I sure hope Nikon doesn't go that route. I'd really like a constant f/4, but would be OK with a 4-5.6.

It won't be as it is designated an S lens so it should be an f4-5.6.

Pretty much, I think the S lineup means it will have at least as good specs as the F-mount lenses.

The difference not unexpected I'd say as Nikon does definitely seem to be putting out more quality mid range glass that Canon on mirrorless,

This has always been the case IMO... at least for the last 20 years...

Nikon does better in midrange lenses like F4 zooms and 1.8g primes. Canon never updated most of their USM primes during the DSLR era from the early 90s film lenses like 50mm 1.4 USM, 28 USM, 85 USM, 100 USM etc. Instead, they just gave out the 50 1.8 stm for 99 bucks, then jump to the Canon L 50 1.2 for 1300, or used a soft clunky old lens like the 50 1.4 usm.

... Nikon had the 50 1.8g, the 50 1.4g, and the 58 1.4g, all updated for digital.

Nikon is also typically much better for landscapers/UWA folks.

Canon to this day still never released a good 20mm lens for DSLR OR Mirrorless, and many canon shooters adapted the Nikon 14-24 as it was so much better for awhile.

Just one of many examples.

Canon typically offers some cheap entry level glass, but then makes you jump to expensive L glass to get good quality.

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