Infrared Converted Camera - how to find out IR wavelength?

Started Nov 27, 2020 | Questions thread
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Re: Infrared Converted Camera - how to find out IR wavelength?

Just throwing a few personal thoughts, having both IR (720nm) and full spectrum converted EOSMs. I sold my 50D IR converted camera.

To aid my image capture, I have included a IR aware diffraction feature in my Magic Lantern DOFIS script, eg

With DOFIS I can also focus stack with my IR converted camera, with it also being IR aware from a diffraction perspective, ie with the DOFIS traffic light feedback, which tells you when you have a positive or negative focus overlap. You can also specify your defocus overlap criterion, ie diffraction aware if you wish.

Regarding infinity focus, I always rely on tracking the infinity blur, using DOFIS, As long as Canon is reporting distance, then I’m not at ‘infinity’. But, as we know, there really isn’t such a thing as infinity in photography, eg it’s a perception thing. I personally call infinity starting at, say, a defocus blur of 2 sensor pixels. An arbitrary, but, I believe, pragmatic number. 
I appreciate if you don’t have a Magic Lantern enabled camera, you can’t really use real-time blur info to focus with, but I personally find it really helpful.

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