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I can only speak of my lens (now sold but only to fuel the purchase of a SL lens), my lens was pin sharp at f1.4 and, at any smaller aperture, depth of field took care of any focus shift. I don’t shoot a lot of close ups and any portraits, which take in more than head and shoulders, are stopped down a couple of clicks. It’s a great lens and some eminent people think is is better than the fe version.

pharoldo wrote:

Hello everybody!

i am considering the Summilux 35mm ASPH v1 but would like to know how bad the focus shift is!

if i choose to calibrate the lens to f1.4 is it unusable (with the rangefinder) at f4? When does the dof eliminate the shift? Is it only visibel at f2 and f2.8 (that wouldent bother me!)

with 35mm i manly use f1.4, f4, f8 and f11. Is there a way to use the lens at all this f stops withou focus shift?

thank you and all the best!

ps: i am looking at this lens because i pretty much prefere its off rendering compared to the fle

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