The Canon 100-400 is a f/5.6-8 - Yuck

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Re: The Canon 100-400 is a f/5.6-8 - Yuck

Rich Rosen wrote:

BasilG wrote:

Rich Rosen wrote:

Jeff Klofft wrote:

I sure hope Nikon doesn't go that route. I'd really like a constant f/4, but would be OK with a 4-5.6.

Nikon Z has 5 zooms designated as S lenses (the 24-200 and the DX zooms have variable apertures, but not designated S). None of them have a variable aperture. Is it possible that the 100-400 will be a f4 or f5.6 non variable? That would certainly be lens I would consider, especially if it could also take a TC. Pipe dream? Maybe. But Nikon certainly has the motivation to create such a lens, especially with the Z 9 imminent.

It won't be f/4 and constant f/5.6 isn't any better than f/4-5.6, so I'm not sure what is appealing about either constant aperture option.

I disagree. f4 is certainly in the realm of possibility, from an engineering as well as a marketing aspect.

It is not. We already know the size from the Nikon Z picture. Its about the same as the Z 70-200 f2.8. Now look at 400mm f4 zooms from Nikon and Canon. Are they about the same size as a 70-200 f2.8 ? No.

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