Epson 3800/3880 Ink Price Jump?

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Re: You are now paying about $1 per mL of ink

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Does anyone have a complete list of Ultrachrome K3-VM printers?

So far, I know of the following:





And of course, the plain Ultrachrome K3 versions of the above as well - ie 3800, 4800, 7800/9800...

R2880, R3000 K3-VM

Thanks. Those cartridges are too small to extract from but you can certainly use a refillable system for them.

Yes, that is true but I posted that info so others reading your post know what printers have the K3 and K3-VM ink sets. If you read some of my more current posts you will see that I run the K3-VM inks in my R2880, R3000 and P600. The P600 was designed for the next generation of HDR inks after the K3-VM ink set but with my custom ICC profiles there is zero print differences with the K3-VM inks verses the P600 OEM HDR inks. I also spent about $600 for Epson OEM large format cartridges to extract ink and that will give me about 35 sets of 9 cartridges/set for the P600. Those would cost me about $10K if I purchased Epson OEM P600 cartridges. I keep pushing the fact to extract Epson OEM large format ink, refill, and save a ton of money!!!! It is so simple to extract OEM ink and refill the P600 refill cartridges in a few minutes.

Bob P.


I'm not criticizing you by any means. I'm just pointing it to anyone who may not have an R2880/R3000 but was looking to extract ink for another printer - ie buy R2880 cartridges to fill a 3880 one.

On a side note, how much of a difference have you seen between a non-profiled HDR and K3-VM ink? And how compatible would you say the various colours are with each other? The last question comes from how CONE states that it's just two blacks - Matte and Photo - which are HD and the rest are the same. If so, one can extend the list to include all HDR printers if you exclude the two blacks.

You are definitely not criticizing me in any way!

With the P600 and HDR inks I found that the prints with the Epson supplied ICC profiles produced a print that was too dark to me.  Epson probably does this on purpose to make the print look like it has better Dmax.  My custom HDR ink ICC profiles removed that dark look.  I only printed a few prints with the HDR inks, removed the cartridges and installed  refillable carts  with K3-VM inks and ran an Initial Ink Charge with the Epson Adjustment Program to remove all the HDR ink from the ink feed lines, dampers and print head.  I then profiled all my papers.  I see zero image quality/color differences with prints of the Outback reference test print from the R2880, R3000, and P600.

Yes I have also used the non-black HDR ink colors from large format HDR printers without any problems in my 3 printers.

Bob P.

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