Longest You've Held on to a Body / System

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Re: Longest You've Held on to a Body / System

I used a Minolta XE-7 manual focus, in A mode from 1976 to about 2005. I had several good prime Minolta lenses for it. I eventually gave it to the son of our friends for a photo class and a trip to Europe in his senior year of high school. He kept it through college and then hopefully replaced it with a good digital camera.

I bought the Olympus C-8080 digicam with 24-140 lens and RAW in 2005 and still have it. I also used it in an Ikelite UW housing for a few years and eventually upgraded to an Olympus E-330 DSLR in an Ikelite housing. I also bought the Olympus E-3 and E-5 DSLRs for topside along with a lot of high grade and SHG f/2 lenses when they were released. In 2012 when Olympus left DSLRs for micro 4/3 mirrorless I sold the E-3 and E-5 and all of my lenses. The C-8080 gets used more often than the E-330 because I sold all of my Olympus lenses.

I bought the Nikon D800E in 2012 and still use it. I bought the D850 this year when it was on sale for $500 off. Since 2012 I've collected a long list of fine Nikon zooms and primes.

So for almost 30 years I kept the Minolta, 16 years for the Olympus C-8080, 14 years for the E-330 and 9 years for the Nikon gear. For now I plan on staying with the Nikon gear as long as they support DSLRs and FX lenses.

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