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Re: ON1 Photo Raw 2021 Questions

Answering the easy question first - when in Edit mode and you have a masking tool active (e.g. Brush)  if you click on the Mask entry in the top menu bar there is a view mode option at the bottom that allows you to switch between gray scale mask and red overlay. There are two red overlay options, one just appears when you are actually brushing. The choice is sticky and there are keyboard short cuts to speed up switching between modes if you wish.

Not quite sure what your issue is with lack of adjustment layers. As you have found there are Effects and Local adjustments which to me match up with adjustment layers in Photoshop in so much you can have multiple instances of these, including duplicating same Effects filter and full range of Blend Modes and masking options available (though no fill control). This has been enough for my editing.

You can also duplicate an existing layer, reset its adjustments and set up new ones then mask or blend the two layers together.

If you add multiple layers a new file is created in On1's own .onphoto format. This retains all the editing information for all the layers so you can go back and adjust if necessary.

What else are you trying to do?

No idea about the mixing. If you do a focus or HDR merge again a new file is created in On1's own .onphoto format. This is a result of the merge and can have all the usual adjustments applied though the individual components are no longer accessible within this file, but of course the original files are untouched. I guess that if you created 3 .onphotos from the focus stacking you would be able to feed these into the HDR merge module, though this is something I have never tried.

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