Is Canon targeting m43 users?

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Why?  Does ...

allematic wrote:

If one's already invested in m43 those options from Canon aren't any tempting.

Why? Does buying a m43 camera lock one into only using m43 forever?

I've shot m43 since the GH1. Doesn't mean I've never owned a different brand/system in paralell. I had a full crop DSLR system when I bought my GH1. It offered something unique at the time so I owned both.

The Canon 100-400 would allow the user to have a lens that is similar to the PL 50-200 while also having the option of higher performing tele zooms and primes plus a while range of lenses with perfromance characteristics that m43 cannot match. They can have both a smaller lighter setup and a larger higher performing setup while staying within one system.

You can always sell your current gear and buy other stuff. I don't recommend switching systems unless you have a good reason but some people od have valid reason for doing just that. Also lots of leople shoot multiple systems. I shoot m43 and prefer it for things like my EM10 IV 2 Oly 12-45 4 because of its size and generally good performance. I love my R w 24-10-5 4L IS because it is the best do everything camera/lens setup I've ever had. The 100-400 is a perfect companion for someone who uses the 24-105 range more but wants the occasional long tele shot.

If anything, I'd consider a larger system to get larger equivalent aperture, not the same I already get from m43.

How about a similar lens and also a higher performing one. Different lenses for different situations.

But they can entice new users who might otherwise consider m43 for weight and size benefits.

Yes they can and that's not good for any of the crop systems.

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