Discrepancies between Lightroom and Browser

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Re: Discrepancies between Lightroom and Browser

Since web browsers are the only software you mention viewing the images in outside of Lightroom, I would first rule them out as culprits.

I do not know the state of Chrome and Firefox, but just know that over the years browsers have somewhat of a poor reputation where color management is concerned. That’s not just between different browsers either. Different versions of the same browser have had color management issues come and go. Even if your browsers don't have outright problems, it's possible you may still need to set some advanced configuration options for their color management to be enabled or work correctly.

The Windows 7 era “Preview” function for images is properly color managed if you want to re-enable that within your Win 10 OS as another viewer. There are many easily found articles on how to do that.

You could also try the popular Faststone Image Viewer. Just be aware that you need to explicitly turn on Faststone’s color management features. That’s nothing more than a couple of check boxes though.

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