Discrepancies between Lightroom and Browser

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Re: Discrepancies between Lightroom and Browser

newmy51 wrote:

Hello DPReview,

I am using Lightroom Classic 10.1.1 on a Windows 10 machine with a crummy loaner Acer V233H while I await the arrival of a proper IPS display. I have calibrated the display with DisplayCal ( and installed the following profile:


I have some cell phone photos (which I don't mind editing on such a display) that I've edited for upload to a web database, and am noticing that both Chrome (93.0.4577.82) and Firefox (89.0.2) are showing slightly but annoyingly washed out version of my finished images.

Chrome (left) Lightroom (right)

I have set sRGB as the desired color space in the export process. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Any and all help greatly appreciated,


Maybe check how your monitor's calibration looks with a test pictures that you view or download from the internet, instead of importing pictures you took.  That should negate any incorrect settings you might have when importing your own pics.

Set Google to "Images" and then search for "monitor test pictures".  In the search finds there will be a link to "Monitor test charts" that has several different pics that you can view.

Maybe it might reveal that your monitor calibration is off, ..... or confirm that it looks good.


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