Face detection through the viewfinder on T8i?

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Re: Face detection through the viewfinder on T8i?

tdbmd wrote:

I recently purchased a T8i for my wife and while doing some reading about some of the features in some online reviews, I have seen reference to face detection through the viewfinder. I had figured out face/eye detection using Live View but have not figured out how to set face detection in viewfinder shooting? Any help?


I have a T8i and like it very much.

I went through my manual, and I don't think face detection. or eye detection is available in viewfinder shooting. It only appears to be available in Live View shooting.

You put your camera in Live View and then hit your Menu button. Tracking is the 5th submenu under the 1st main menu. (The icon looks like a little camera).

In viewfinder shooting, if you hit the Q button and tap on the focus options, Eye Detection, or face detection is not one of the options.

In viewfinder shooting, you can focus on a person's eyes, and by using AI Servo, continuously keep those eyes in focus if that person should happen to move.

Steve Thomas

- EDIT -


I take that all back.

Apparently, there is a way to set face detection in viewfinder shooting.

When you get your camera and manual, look on page 685 of your manual. (Or look online) at the T8i manual. It's in the custom functions (Cn6 submenu of the main menu number II of your custom function settings. (They look like a little wrench).

If I understand this correctly, this option is not available if you are using single point autofocus. It's only available if you are using one of the zone methods of focusing.

Sorry to have spoken too soon. I should learn to keep my mouth shut.

Steve Thomas

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