First camera for Portrait shoots

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Re: First camera for Portrait shoots

DeCal Photography wrote:

Thank you all for your help!

I have a couple follow up questions.

Firstly, would it make more sense to get an Olympus on-d em-5 or em-1?

People who own them seem to be happy about them. Those of us who don't, have our reasons that may be unrelated to their qualities. Going from 24Mp to 20Mp is counterintuitive to me, although I've been very happy with 18 Mp in the past.

If you want portraiture with shallow DoF, MFT may not be the best choice.

Secondly, does it make sense to purchase lenses for a system that likely will be losing support?

Does it make sense to buy a new body if the body you own does everything you want well?

A lens with built-in focus motor and Nikon F mount will be adaptable to Nikon Z mount and other ML cameras. Whether Z cameras adapt well, IDK.

The camera market is shrinking, so it's unpredictable which manufacturer will fold first.

Nikon and Canon both have secured the use of legacy lenses via adapters for the time being.

A used, but very good lens, can be a stop gap until you can afford better gear. You have not mentioned light, but even though good lights have become more affordable (Godox), they're not cheap.

Lastly, where would I be able try out the cameras ergonomics?

That very much depends on where you live. If you're lucky enough to live near a brick-and-mortar store, place your acquisitions there.

Thank you!

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