New 2.2 version of iWE RAW Editor (HHHR is added)

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New 2.2 version of iWE RAW Editor (HHHR is added)

Version 2.2 of my iWE (image-waves editor) is ready and can be downloaded from my Google directory at

(file iWE_22-02.ZIP)

About basic IWE properties I have already reported in new release of iWE raw-editor: Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review ( and some comparison examples with other soft (OW and Topaz Denoise AI) are in new iWE edition (iWE vs Olympus Workspace vs Topaz Denoise AI): Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review (

The new 2.2 version has simple, but quite powerfull stacking module (see image #1).

Now practically unlimited number of images (JPG, TIFFs, RAWs) can be stacked in order to get an image with better signal/noise or even resolution, for example, in case of a set of images is captured handheld.

The HHHR result can be received just in one click after the list of files  is loaded. There are options to adjust the stacking for different situations using either single or multiple alignment zones. After the stacking is done, the wave sharpening or other filters can be applied in iWE. The detailes on options properties can be find in the iWE 2.2 manual which is in the same  ZIP-file. The manual is  both in Russian and English.

The images below (#3, #5) demonstrate HHHR images from  iWE in comparison with single shots (#2) from the same set. The last crop (#6) is from HHHR image generated in Photoshop 2021 for comparison (the procedure used in PS is in the caption to #6).

#1 iWE in stacking mode.

#2 Single OOC image used for stacking .

#3 HHHR image from iWE. 16 RAW files were processed. iWE wave sharpening is applied.

#4 Crop of single OOC image (see image #2) above, but 2X resized (for comparison with #5).

#5 Crop of HHHR image from iWE (see image #3)

#6 Crop of HHHR image from Adobe Photoshop 2021 (for comparison with #5). The processing was as follows: 16 RAW images (same as in iWE) were loaded in stack  (processing with default settings), resized (2X) and autoaligned. The result was convereted to the Smart object, where the images were averaged. Finally, Smart sharpening (with default  values-  200, 1) has been applied.

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