Reconciling the Thick Lens Model with P2P Optical Bench

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Re: measure the thick lens model parameters


Thanks for posting your experience.

In fact I’ve been thinking about how evolve my split/thick model.

My current thinking is to use the thick lens model at minimum focus distance at the min and max focal length of a zoom, ie measure mag and calculate the inter nodal at the two focal length extremes.

Then do the same at around the hyperfocal, ie measure the mag, ie around NC/f, but here assume a thin lens model, ie zero inter nodal. 
Then linearly interpolate between focus extremes, ie at x, and the zoom extremes, scaling the inter nodal distance accordingly. 
My logic is that the thin lens is a reasonable model for DoF away from the MFD, but at the MFD a thick lens model is a better model for DoFs.

But I’m still exploring

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