OT: Binoculars for birds?

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Re: OT: Binoculars for birds?

olrett wrote:

First of all, apologies that this isn't about MFT.

The thing is, I have already found great bino tips in this forum before. Someone here had mentioned the Pentax Papilio II close-up binoculars a while ago. I got the 8,5x21 and absolutely love that little gem -- I have it on/around me all the time. Better than a loupe on day trips, and also a welcome gift for a friend who had a knee transplant and uses it observe critters while keeping upright.

I am looking for something relatively light in the 10x40 range that will allow me to see farther away without breaking the bank (at the moment I use the PL 100-400mm to get farther reach as the older binos are all so heavy and user-unfriendly). I think that an Olympus 10x42 might be what I am looking for. But there are several variants in that range. Any recommendations?

I don't need WR, as I would mostly use it during daytime in fair weather in my neighbourhood and in natural reserves nearby. It should be as light as possible (perhaps here is the overlap with MFT) and be a joy to use.

Many thanks in advance!

Nikon makes good binoculars for the $.

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