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Re: First camera for Portrait shoots

DeCal Photography wrote:

Thank you all for your help!

I have a couple follow up questions.

Firstly, would it make more sense to get an Olympus on-d em-5 or em-1?

The OMD EM5 mark 3 and the EM1 mark 2 are currently similarly priced, with similar capabilities - the 5.3 is almost the 1.2 packaged in a smaller body.

After some evaluation and dithering last year, I decided to buy the M1 mark 2, bundled with the 12-200 travel zoom lens.

Currently in the US there are specials on the M5.3 body only, and kits with the 12-45 pro lens, or the 14-150 travel zoom [with add on grip]

A real tie breaker would be how each body fits your hand and eyes.

Secondly, does it make sense to purchase lenses for a system that likely will be losing support?

Both Olympus and Panasonic have recently released several new lenses, with more added to the lens roadmap. Panasonic has release a new body, and announced another new body. This does not look like a system that is 'losing support'. Today only Sony E mount seems to have a comparable variety of lenses.

Lastly, where would I be able try out the cameras ergonomics?

Do you have any camera stores nearby? You may not, as camera stores are a vanishing breed. The 'big box' stores do not seem to show anything other than Canon/Nikon - mostly with dead batteries.

You could try an online retailer with generous return policies - or renting, with a purchase option if you like the camera.

Thank you!

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