Urgent advice on makeshift studio needed (clothing photography)

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Re: Urgent advice on makeshift studio needed (clothing photography)

Hey hey! I hope your client is happy with the results - they should be! I'm honestly surprised that my little rambling here translated this well, only because the internet, text, is such an incomplete medium to convey these ideas. But you pulled it off!

Now, since we're here, if you'd like to work on getting more even coverage on the background for that last smidge of falloff camera right (though Photoshop will make short work of it), you can either adjust distance and angle of your reflector (camera right), or add another light source (camera right), at very very low power, and splash it up against something white too. I will often just point it to the ceiling. On a recent shoot where I employed this technique, for example, my key light was a 600ws strobe at just over ½ power, while my fill light was a 300ws light at 1/128th, just to give you a sense of proportion. The fill light just brought in that imperceptible lift, and cleaned up the fall off nicely, while not affecting contrast and shadows on the subject much. Ultimately, our goal is the flatter the subject, so while the fill light can do it's job, we can't let it interfere with the overall image. If you're finding space limitations or the added complexity of running a second light to be too much, just clean it up in PS.

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