Is anybody going to use the 40 mm f2 on the Z50/Zfc?

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Re: Is anybody going to use the 40 mm f2 on the Z50/Zfc?

For me, Nikon missed the boat.  I looked closely at the 28mm 2.8, but there was something about the output in the samples I just didn't like.  I find the 40mm to be too tight on DX, because if I was going that far, I'd just go to the 50mm 1.8.  However the real reason Nikon missed is because Viltrox beat them to the punch.  I bought the 23mm 1.4 from Viltrox 10 minutes after I saw a sample photo.  It isn't a perfect lens, but it is pretty darn good.  My Z50 was just a snapshot camera I carried when I didn't want to carry a big camera.  That 23mm made me like the Z50 a LOT more than I did before.  I would have preferred Nikon be the ones that hit that spot first, but they didn't.

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