Is anybody going to use the 40 mm f2 on the Z50/Zfc?

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not that unusual

Franz304 wrote:


For me 40 mm is a weird focal length on DX (it's 60 mm FF equivalent) and it feels too narrow for most of the photography I do. It's also kinda wide for portraits, so to me this is kind of a no man's land.

Everyone has their own personal experience of focal lengths, and there's no right or wrong there.

But just felt like noting that 58mm lenses were once fairly common as a sub-category of "normal" focal lengths on 35mm cameras. Many of the major manufacturers made them, and the ones that didn't make 58mm typically made 55mm models to fit the same category. They are normals that lean a little more in the portrait direction--good for waist-up environmental portraits, for example.

So, the 60mm-equivalent on DX of this new Nikkor is not that out of the ordinary.

I'm personally a little on the fence about that general focal length--like you, I find it to be a little in the middle of where my natural inclinations go. But I don't think Nikon is off the reservation here; there is long precedent for lenses around 58-60mm equivalent, and many people have liked them and made good use of them.

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