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Re: Travel Tripod - Landscape / Wildlife

RedDragon_BZ wrote:

You’ve hit the nail on the head here. What did you end up going with as we both share relatively similar needs? I’m going to try and maybe stop by the store tomorrow and also have a call with FLM tomorrow too.

I bought my tripod over ten years ago so the exact one that I have is no longer made. I think this one replaced it:

It is expensive but I have gotten great use of it and it looks and works as well today as it did when brand new. Lots of people question why I got such a big tripod, but as I said above, well more than half the time I take it out I wind up fully extending one of its legs.  I certainly don't regret having gotten a tripod this tall, and now that I have used it for so many years, I know that would definitely have regretted getting a shorter tripod. You may not need to get this expensive a tripod as there are far more manufacturers on the market today than there were in 2005-2010.

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