Is Canon targeting m43 users?

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Undoubtedly ...

Undoubtedly Canon is targeting not just 43 but the very concept that there is a need for crop sensor cameras. They are showing what many have known for years, and that is you can scale lenses up and down to get similar sized lenses, with similar capabilities, for any format. Now back in the old DSLR days there were focusing problems with lenses with apertures smaller than f5.6 (f8 for a few select cameras), so much of what is being done now was not possible. Canon has now shown in mirrorless you can get very good AF with lenses of f11 or even slower.

The 100-400 5.6-8 is obviously not aimed at pros, but if it is representative of the other Canon RF lenses it will produce very good results.

Build aside, this lens is basically the FF equivalent of the PL 50-200 2.8-4. With the PL lens you're stuck with a 20 MP sensor behind it. The Canon lens can be placed on cameras of either 20, 24, 26, 30 or 45 MP giving one much greater flexibility. Canons DPAF is much better than the AF systems found in any m43 camera. For about $1650 you can buy this lens and a Canon RP, about the price of the PL lens alone. That combo should produce photos as good as any similar m43 setup.

Besides my m43 gear I own Canon RF gear and I'll definitely be buying this lens. I don't do a whole lot of really long tele work so for my needs it will work fine. This lens and my RF 24-105 4L IS and I'm set for almost anything I'd want to photgraph. I'll probably buy the new 16 2.8 also to have a compact UWA that I can easily stash in the bag somewhere when I think I might need to go really wide.

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