The Canon 100-400 is a f/5.6-8 - Yuck

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Re: The Canon 100-400 is a f/5.6-8 - Yuck

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

Jeff Klofft wrote:

I sure hope Nikon doesn't go that route. I'd really like a constant f/4, but would be OK with a 4-5.6.

OK... But given the price, it's probably a reasonable set of specs. I mean it's a $650 lens. Yes 5.6-8 is slow, and if you adapt to APS-C it's slower,

How is it slower, if you are using a Z7 in crop mode you are simply using the centre of the sensor, aperture and focal length do not change. The lens does not magically lose speed ,you are simply cropping

but a 100-400 for $650 isn't bad, and if optically it's good, even better. I wouldn't personally discount a lens just because it's slow. Many shooters I know shoot in that range anyway, with many shooting f/8 majority of the time to ensure DOF especially at longer FLs.

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