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Re: Diffraction Myth - The Canon 100-400 is a f/5.6-8 - Yuck

ANAYV wrote:

Freedolin wrote:

Diffraction is seldom an issue for the viewer of our images, IMHO.

I didn't claim it to be a visible issue. Diffraction is not a myth, though, but a physical fact. It reduces the maximum resolution possible on the mentioned bodies (f/5.6 does already, actually, even though to a really small extent). The context was why Jeff (and others, including myself) would prefer higher specs over a theoretical f/something-6.3 zoom. Diffraction is one of the reasons. Not the main reason (at least for me), but one of them.

I see.

I guess when one sees plenty of detail shooting at f/8 real issue for them.

Perfectly fine. For them. And I'd never argue against them. The point was: why do Jeff and I (and many others) not like the towards slower and slower lenses. I explained that. It's my personal opinion. Not a physical law. Why are you trying to prove my own opinion wrong now?

I posted two examples that dont show diffraction or softness.

I was writing about diffraction at the pixel density of the 46 MP FX or 20 MP DX sensors. On those sensors, maximum resolution is diffraction limited at f/6.3 already.

You posted samples with less than 2 MP total resolution. So, at lot lower effective pixel density. Yes, you're right, at those low resolutions, diffraction is not an issue, true.

That is a physical law, btw.

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