Nikon Z5/Z6II/Z7II Bug

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Nikon Z5/Z6II/Z7II Bug

Hi guys.

Just like to give a little heads up on a recent bug that I had discovered on the above 3 bodies.

When using the old school focus and recompose method, these 3 cameras do not hold focus after the shots are taken.

This happens when focus mode is AF-S, and drive mode is any of the continuous shooting modes (L, H, H+).

If you focus and recompose with the above settings, after the shot is taken, even if you continue to half press the shutter button, or keep the AF-On button depressed, the camera will refocus at the current selected focus point.

This does not happen when the drive mode is single frame, and neither does it happen to Z50, Z6, Z7, Zfc.

I had brought the issue up to Nikon earlier today and they said that they will look into it, so the current remedy for people who focus and recompose are to either

1: set drive mode to single frame

2: set AF to AF-on button only (disable half press shutter button AF), and set out of focus release to enabled. This way once focus is acquired through the back af button release the thumb and recompose

Hope this info would be helpful to anyone wondering why a series of stationary shots have slight focus shifts.

Nikon Z fc Nikon Z50 Nikon Z6 Nikon Z7
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