Are you fed up with the ever increasing cost of Canon gear?

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Re: Are you fed up with the ever increasing cost of Canon gear?

jimbrobb wrote:

It seems everything is increasing in price. OK if you bought 2 years ago and now selling but for the majority, like myself, I am puting off buying.

Canon can charge what they want in these scarce times and still make nice profits!

I don't altogether agree with your premise. Here is an anecdote:

In 2008 I bought an EOS 40D crop sensor body with EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 lens. By chance each item cost AUD1755 at the time. I remember this because the 17-55mm lens cost $1755 also by chance.

So the kit cost $3510, which when adjusted for inflation would be equivalent to $4458 today.

Also today I can buy a Canon EOS R for AUD2548 and an RF 24-105L for AUD1698 for a total of $4248.

So today I can buy a hugely more capable full frame body and a much better lens for a bit less equivalent money.

Sure prices have been moving around a lot recently with the pandemic and chip shortages but overall cameras are better value now than they were 13 years ago.


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