RF 35mm 1.8 tulip lens hood

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Re: RF 35mm 1.8 tulip lens hood

quiquae wrote:

JustUs7 wrote:

I have the Canon screw on. I think it does better than people assume it will based on shape alone.

That said, not going to lie, this one looks pretty slick. If just for protecting the focus mechanism alone, it’s quite tempting.

The Canon screw on works just fine. It's just elementary geometry at work: a short shade immediately next to the incident lens works just as well as a gargantuan one several centimeters away.

And yes, I say this having actually tested the screw-on vs a more standard-looking hood on RF 35mm F1.8: Canon's mini hood actually reduced flare more effectively than the nicer-looking third-party alternative.

I'd be interested in reading comparative reviews from people who actually have both the Canon and third-party hood, as I only tested one hood. I have never seen any such report from screw-on deniers--just reams and reams of FUD about how it couldn't possibly work because it looks too puny, with absolutely no theory, experiment, or even a trace of anecdote to back it up.

HI, The issue for me is the filter. I often use the lens at the seaside  where it it collects salt spray on the front element. I also use it in dusty conditions and in the bush where dust, pollen and various other bits of junk and foreign matter land on the front element.

So I have a B+W MRC protect filter permanently mounted. I am much happier cleaning junk off the filter than off the front element of the lens.

The round screw-in EW-52 filter works fine but if you want to mount a filter it screws into  the front of the hood. So now the first element of the optical system (the filter) is not protected at all, somewhat defeating the purpose of the filter.

So that is my FUD-free "trace of anecdote" about why I prefer the petal type.


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