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Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Steve BB wrote:

Is my scene 'already' dim? Not sure if I follow as it's shot with strobes,

Yeah, that gets kind of difficult conceptually. Of course, you don't see the painting under the strobes—only the camera does.

Right i see what you mean now.

and also 'viewed' under bright 'daylight' temp fluorescent tubes.

I still would think that actual direct sunlight is many times brighter. A very bright gallery may be 5% as bright as daylight, and more typically about 1% as bright. Art museum galleries, with light sensitive objects, tend to be extraordinarily dim, about 1/2000th as bright as direct sunlight or maybe even less.

But I wonder if the color rendering of the fluorescents might be a problem—using strobes may not give the same impression as viewing the paintings under their original fluorescent lighting.

One thing that worked with me when I did photography for color sensitive clients, was finding a matching color sample—this is pretty easy for paints—and the manufacturers often specify color values for it.

Painters mix paint with other colours, so there really is no way of doing this in my profession. I get that it *would* work in theory. Also we're just talking about paintings, but I'm shooting sculpture, collage, drawings etc.

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