Do we get too obsessed by "real"?

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Re: Do we get too obsessed by "real"?

paulhoppe_photography wrote:

Quite OT for "Adapted Lenses" I guess bit still an interesting question. I feel that by processing images to be even more "real" (like fixing exposure, sharpness, color grading) we actually make the images unreal. Sure they look more real but they are still heavily processed. Your "pharts" (really? are not much different. Heavily processed but simply in the other direction to look "surreal". I actually l like the first picture quite a lot. I could even imagine printing it and hanging it somewhere.

Thanks, I have used this style of processing quite varied really and the original image needs to be right fro any given style or the time is simply wasted.

Portraits, for example, are family-personal unless the subject is famous in some way or another. But portraits as art are much more capable of being universal appeal.

I have hesitated to show these image styles du to the almost universal appreciation of only liking perfect ‘photographic representation’.

Of course published image, especially in magazines, often are heavily tweaked …. And why do women wear make-up?

Such images to obviously made-over are mostly regarded with stunned silence, followed by the notion that they have been fixed or simply made-over by using a filter-wash.

My photograph of that little roadside take-away shop in a small hamlet in rural Victoria, Australia looked quite good in its original capture. But as reworked I think that it does make a better statement.

We tend to see and walk past quickly forgetting what was seen other than the necessary thoughts of navigating past it. There were several other establishments there living off what passing trade might care to stop and patronise them. But the shop of Chrissie Ries. Has now passed into worldwide circulation.

If you are ever passing through Skipton, pop in and say hello and tell Chrissie that she has been noticed from afar.

Perhaps that is my point as a straight snap of the establishment would not ring any bells at all.

That this sort of processing is just a filter is not the point - the particular process requires much more work from the artist-skill than simply pressing a shutter button on a camera.

It is also more interesting than making a thousand snaps and leaving them rot on a hard drive.

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