Best point-and-shoot camera for motorbike racing

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Re: Best point-and-shoot camera for motorbike racing

Jestertheclown wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

none of the three cameras I have with an EVF is any good at all, for those, a DSLR is a much better option. That's a personal thing, when I've said this before others have said that they find an EVF fine.

And I'm one of those people!

I was at Santa Pod Raceway last Sunday, fairly close to the start line but the fuel cars were still passing me at more than a hundred miles an hour.

Admittedly, my panning was a bit hit and miss; I don't do it very often but my success rate was pretty high.

I was using a Z7 with, obviously, an EVF but had none of he problems that get mentioned, blackouts, smearing, lag etc. that certain posters keep on about on here.

In fact the biggest problem that I had was being able to manoeuvre the 100-400 lens on the front of it.

Drag racing is a reasonably simple case. The cars might be going fast, but the direction and speed is quite predictable. It's a completely different kettle of fist to motorbike road racing. I have a Z6 and have found it to be no good at all for that. But it is individual. The problem is with something called proprioception, the ability to predict location and movement. The  EVF delay, which is unavoidable, interferes with the neural feedback loops on which this depends, and can make them completely unstable. Whether or not it does depends on the individual. That's why I hesitate to say that an EVF is fine or is no good, you can't predict for someone else. I suspect that the newer EVFs will shorten the delay to the point where it is outside the problem range for most people.

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